Punch-Laser Combination

Uncompromising, tried and tested laser technology

As a manufacturer of machines for the sheet metal working industry, AMADA is setting the pace with its innovative fiber laser technology. At the same time it is constantly improving machines equipped with conventional CO2 laser technology to deliver new benefits in productivity. The most recent stage in development can be seen in the punch-laser combination machine ACIES-2515 T.

Punch-laser combination machine ACIES-2515 T with Toolmagazine and Storagesystem
Punch-laser combination machine ACIES-2515 T

In many cases, the mass production of identical sheet metal parts has been relocated to “low-wage” countries. At the same time, many fabricators in the Western industrialized nations are focusing increasingly on production tasks that require in-depth technological expertise and the use of highly innovative machine technologies. This is the segment addressed by AMADA’s punch-laser combination systems. The top end of this product range consists of the ACIES punch laser combination systems which are equipped with a CO2 laser. This conventional laser technology has proved its value over many years thanks to its outstanding cutting quality. Together with the innovative fiber laser machines, the conventional laser systems help form a harmonious, wide-ranging portfolio which ensures that AMADA always gives users the solution that is best suited to the challenges they face – with no compromises!

Tool changing system to suit every need

Sheet metal working companies have for some time been confronted with a further imperative: A very high level of automation is often necessary in order to ensure economic production. At EuroBLECH 2012, AMADA will be demonstrating the ACIES-2515 T, a production cell that perfectly fulfills these two requirements – flexibility during the manufacturing process coupled with a high level of automation. One outstanding feature of the new punch-laser combination is the interfacing with an external tool changer which will meet every need. This permits the almost totally unattended manufacture of even complex components with frequently changing job specifications and small run sizes. The TSU tool changing system can be loaded with up to several hundred punching tools.

Intelligent tool system avoids errors

Thanks to the highly flexible tool changing system in combination with the extremely versatile laser machining capabilities, it is now extremely rare to be confronted with any production tasks that demand time-consuming machine tooling operations. To permit the efficient management of extensive tool configurations, AMADA has developed its Tool ID System. The intelligent thing about this system is that it always “knows” the status of all the tools in terms of size, shape, angle and stroke rate. This eliminates errors during setup.