Punch-Laser Combination
Punching force 300 kN
Laser power 3000 W
Oscillator AJ-3000
Punching drive Servo-Electric twin drive
Tool turret type Z-Turret
Number of stations 44
Machine frame Bridge frame
Axis Travel (Combi) Without Reposition (X/Y) 2500 x 1525 mm
Axis Travel (Punching) (X/Y) 3050 x 1525 mm
Axis Travel (Laser) (X/Y) 2500 x 1525 mm
Punching accuracy ± 0.07
Simultaneous axis speed 141 m/min
Machine table type Brush table
Table loading weight 220 kg
Table drive AC Servo drives
Controller AMNC 3i
Length 6808 mm
Width 6927 mm
Height 3010 mm
Machine weight 26000 kg

* Workpiece precision and material thickness to be processed are also dependent on production conditions, material, type of workpiece, its pretreatment, size of the table as well as the location in the work area.

Laser class 1 according to DIN EN 60 825-1 when operated for intended purpose.

Technical changes are reserved. 

This laser product uses a Class 4 invisible laser for processing and a Class 3R visible laser for positioning.
  • Laser class 1 according to DIN EN 60825-1 by intended operation.
  • Class 4 invisible laser: Avoid eye or skin exposure or direct or scattered radiation. Never look into the laser beam or allow skin contact.
  • Class 3R visible laser: Avoid direct eye exposure

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