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Miyachi Europe is going to be Amada Miyachi Europe GmbH

Miyachi Europe will become Amada Miyachi Europe GmbH as of September 1, 2014. Miyachi Corporation has been part of the Amada Group since March 2013; the name change increases the parent company's recognition and brand awareness, while maintaining the association with Miyachi's long and successful history as a provider of advanced technology.

Amada Miyachi Europe will continue to conduct business from the same locations, where it is a market leader in developing, building, and servicing machines for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, and heat-seal-bonding, as well as customized systems.

"The new organization benefits from a variety of synergistic effects, including the development of new technology and products based on the companies' combined laser knowledge and the application of Miyachi's welding expertise to Amada's metal processing capabilities," said Dave Fawcett, Group CEO/President America & Europe. "Furthermore, we are now able to penetrate target markets with comprehensive solutions that combine both companies' core technologies. The companies are further increasing operational efficiency by reducing cost through consolidation of functions worldwide."

About Amada Miyachi Europe

Amada Miyachi Europe is the market leader in developing, building and servicing machinesand components for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting and hotbar. Amada Miyachi Europe solutions are an integral part of the production process toconnect, join, automate, identify and customize components in a very reliable andsustainable fashion. Amada Miyachi Europe products are in use in a variety of modern hightechapplication fields. These application fields are our areas of expertise, which benefits ourcustomers' and our vendors' future growth in the Automotive, IT & Multimedia, Electronics,Batteries, Medical, Aerospace, and Defence industries. Visit us at

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