ENSIS-3015 RI - The Adjustable Individualist

Laser Cutting System with integrated tube and profile processing

The ENSIS-3015 RI is the perfect symbiosis of integrated tube and profile processing: the flexible individualist enables cutting thin and thick sheets made of diverse materials at maximum processing speed and it is more flexible than ever due to the variable beam control. In addition, the new tube-and profile cutting system provides the user an opportunity to cover a significantly larger product spectrum without requiring the use of a separate machine: The machine’s high speed and enormous bandwidth omits the use of multiple machines on numerous occasions.

Tube and profile processing

The efficient tube cutting unit practically prevents scratches on the work piece, the precise cut close to the chuck, as well as the sophisticated design effectively brakes the torsion of a work piece. Therefore the ENSIS-3015 RI is an excellent alternative to costly special lasers and it is perfectly suitable for continuous operation. Exchanging the lens is almost obsolete, maintenance and service costs are reduced to a minimum.

Process Safety and Connectivity to V-factory

With its touchless operating plasma-safe cutting head the ENSIS-3015 RI masters the most difficult geometries without effort. Maximum process safety and high-level productivity is our top priority. Due to the versatile networking options within AMADA’s Industry 4.0 interpretation, the V-factory, the ENSIS-3015 RI can also be integrated in an integral production system on a timely basis. This allows you to utilize your high-performance equipment in the most efficient manner and decrease setup time as well as loading and unloading efforts to a minimum.

ENSIS-3015 AJ RI at a Glance:

  • Based on the material quality, the fiber laser beam cuts regular steel up to a thickness of 25 mm
  • Laser cutting system with tube and profile cutting function
  • Converts from flatbed to tube processing within a short time period
  • Enormous processing band width
  • Touch probe sensor (optional)
  • Variable beam control
  • Excellent access with sliding doors on the longitudinal side
  • Greater processing speed, decreased setup times, no torsion of the work piece