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Economically priced ball-transfer lasermachine

The LCE Lasermachine is an economically priced ball-transfer machine with features not normally found on laser cutters in its price class. These machines include a FANUC laser oscillator, a 32-bit control and a single clamping system for 1270 mm x 1270 mm workrange.(Max. 1270 mm x 2540 mm work processing is also available by auto-repositioning)

Diverse functions concentrated in the laser head

This system features a wide range of functions such as a processing head with lens focus adjustment, an Z-axis control unit, repositioning, and an He-Ne select switch.

Reduced set-up time

Assist gas pressure can be adjusted at the gas control panel located in the head. This helps in set-up and provides ease of operation. An Z-axis control switch and laser check function also shortens set-up time.

Turret press compatibility

Combining turret press and laser work on the same work is eased by both machines sharing the same origin setting system. Manual feed start and Stop buttons are also located on the carriage control panel for easy work positioning.

Easy work removal

A 300 mm x 300 mm work chute handles both finished work and scrap for increased productivity and improved operator safety.

Lasermachine work chute
LCE-655 work chute
Lasermachine material clamp
LCE-655 material clamp