WORKPLANMANAGER is an integrated software module in LINEA5 which enables automatic nesting.

Optional possibilities that vary by license release:

  1. Multi sheet nesting: Fully automatic nesting of several sheets
    Parts with different material and / or thickness are nested in a passageway on respective sheets.

  2. Single sheet nesting: Fully automatic nesting of a single sheet
    Parts of one material and one thickness are automatically nested in exactly the specified format.

  3. Manual nesting


  • Centralized management of all formats and remaining sheets in the format library
  • Automatic scrap recovery mode
  • Creating Assemblies
  • CSV Import
  • Automatic technology assignment, sorting and NC generation
  • Subsequent calls and adjust already completed workplans
  • Management of the nesting results
  • Centralized administration of all parts in the parts library that are intended for nesting