Syteem automatisering

The AS LUL II automatic storage and retrieval system can be configured based on your needs and expectations, and integrated with AMADA laser machines. The storage system automates loading and unloading of the laser with raw materials.

An extended, uninterrupted production run is ensured. This is made possible by the fast and straight-forward loading of the raw material resulting from the convenient accessibility, but also the high load capacity of the raw material and stacking pallets of 3,300 kg each.

Handling of various materials is performed by the installed suction grippers, which ensure reliable and careful handling of the material during the loading cycle.

The compact configuration of the storage system only requires a small footprint. The automatic storage and retrieval system is also available as a twin-rack version with increased storage capacity.


  • Storage and handling as an integrated solution
  • Increase productivity
  • Space and cost saving solution
  • Reliable and orderly material storage
  • Customized number of pallets