AMADA wins MM Award at EuroBLECH 2018

Already on the first day of EuroBLECH 2018 (23.10.2018), the highly treasured industry awards for industrial production were presented by MM MaschinenMarkt und blechnet during a festive event. Since these prizes are a kind of seal of quality for sheet metal processing machines, it is not without reason that countless companies take part in the race for the EuroBLECH Awards. Among the numerous applicants, this time a total of 21 companies were awarded in seven categories for particularly innovative achievements.

We are therefore particularly pleased to announce that AMADA is once again one of the winners this year and has received an award for the VENTIS fiber laser cutting machine.

The differences between VENTIS and conventional fiber lasers?

The use of an innovative process means that the system is able to oscillate the laser beam in the kerf based on predefined patterns. This not only results in a significantly increased cutting speed, it also guarantees an absolutely precise bevel free cut. The surface roughness achieved in the fiber laser field is unequaled and is only comparable to the quality of a CO2 laser. At the same time, the so called fiber laser burr which is otherwise usual can be almost completely excluded.

What makes the difference between VENTIS-3015AJ 4 kW and conventional fiber laser systems? The reasons to this lie in the following aspects, underlines Axel Willuhn, Product manager and spokesman of AMADA GmbH: "The revolutionary flexible beam guiding system of VENTIS-3015AJ 4 kW with which we went into competition, can overcome the current limitations of conventional fiber laser cutting machines. Just imagine, with only 4 kW laser power, the system is able to perform to a level that is usually only achieved by 6 or 8 kW systems. That's why we like to call VENTIS-3015AJ 4 kW the 'next generation fiber laser'. Machines like these will help our customers to make their production even more efficient in the future."