Training Center and Hotel

Regardless of the future direction of scientific and technological development, human beings will undoubtedly remein at the center of the production process. AMADA firmly believes that the quality of machinery depends on the skills of the people who make it. 

Accordingly, the Company is striving to provide personnel training of the highest quality. 

Tho this end, AMADA created FORUM 246, a training center, based on a commitment to conduct joint training for both machine makers and users, thereby facilitating greater interaction between the two. All 12 floors of the FORUM 246 building are open to AMADA´s customers, where they have access to a wide variety of training facilities and a broad range of personnel development resources, including AMADA´s exclusive training curriculum and educational software. 

Fhe FORUM 246 facility has 18 classrooms, which vary in size and are put to use according to the number of students and the topic of instruction. FORUM 246 is also equipped with many other rooms, including 112 comfortable guest rooms, two convention rooms, and intelligent rooms, which are run by a dedicated staff. FORUM 246 is well equipped to support AMADA´s personnel development and user training efforts that are essential to the Company´s future growth and profitability.