LCG-3015 AJ 6kW, new also in 9kW

LCG-3015 AJ 9kW

The high-performance fiber laser all-round system for broad-based manufacturer energy conservation to ensure maximum performance


When reliable maximum performance at low energy consumption is required, you can rely on AMADA’s established high-performance laser equipment with broadband application spectrum. With the powerful 9kW-resonator, which was designed especially for this machine, the all-round machine is the perfect foundation for changing material tasks and it adapts to your production requirements in a flexible manner.

Efficiency and ergonomy

  • Extremely energy-conserving due to an efficiency degrees of >30%
  • Low maintenance costs/service costs due to low wear–and-tear components
  • Highly productive all-round-system
  • Excellent access with top and longitudinal side access to the work area
  • 16-station nozzle exchanger for production with less manpower

User-Friendly AMNC 3i-Control

  • Intuitive operation
  • Standalone and multiple machine operation

Process Safety and Connection to Industry 4.0

With its touchless operating plasma-safe HS-cutter head the LCG-3015 AJ masters the most difficult thick and thin sheet metal geometries without effort. Maximum process safety is possible here, as well as up to complete automation with integrated parts-sorting.

Due to the versatile networking options within AMADA’s Industry 4.0 interpretation, the V-factory, the LCG-3015 AJ can also be integrated in an integral production principle on a timely basis. This allows you to utilize your high-performance machines in the most efficient manner and decrease setup time as well as loading and unloading efforts to a minimum.